OCR for OK

What’s the best part of racing? The thrill of crossing the finish line? Nope. Shaving a few seconds off your PR? No way. Standing atop the podium? Not even close.

It’s the community.

The OCR (and endurance racing) communities are some of the closest-knit I’ve ever been part of. There’s no denying that something special brings us together. Maybe it’s the fact that we engage in a hobby that encourages us to push personal limits, or maybe it’s our willingness to test our ability to suffer…but whatever it is there’s no denying its existence.

But all that suffering that we go through in training and on race-day is nothing compared to what the victims of the recent tornado in Oklahoma have gone through. And though we can’t begin to imagine what that must be like, we can still offer our support…just like we would to fellow racers out on the course.

With that in mind, we’ve partnered with and Brett Stewart (one of our sponsored athletes and co-founder of MudRunGuide.com) and some other great people, to come up with a way to offer our help as best we know how. We’ve created our OCR for OK Tee to support Red Cross relief efforts. 100% of proceeds from this product will be donated directly to the Red Cross. And the more we ship, the more we donate per shirt.

We’re also asking other OCR companies out there to help. We’ll even throw your company’s logo on the back! Contact us to get involved.

We know this may not be much, but after bearing witness to last year’s Hurricane Sandy here in NYC, we know that every little bit helps…and hope you feel that way too.

(Don’t want a shirt? That’s okay. We’d still encourage you to donate directly to the Redcross Disaster Relief Fund here.)

*Please note that shirts will be shipped as produced. As such, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.