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OCR Gear Alpha Products

Hey, gang. Exciting news to share with you from the team here at OCR Gear HQ. If you’ve been following us on facebook (or twitter for that matter), you know that we’ve been very vocal about building this company the “right way“. What exactly does that mean? Well…for starters it means that we hold ourselves to the highest standards in every aspect of our business. This... »

OCR Gear Ambassador Program

Well, it’s been a bittersweet morning for us. As you might have heard, about two weeks ago we began accepting applications for our OCR Gear Ambassador Program. And after combing through hundreds upon hundreds of applications, we finally whittled down the list to about 50 amazing athletes that we’ve asked to rep our brand (and OCR) in the marketplace. These decisions were not taken ligh... »

Merrell shoes y’all!

Another great announcement for OCR Gear…we now carry Merrell footwear! We’ve been racing in Merrell for some time now (since last February!) and have been loving them, so we’re particularly excited to carry these awesome kicks for our customers. And in keeping with our hand-picked theme, we’ve put together a nice and tight lineup of our favorites. First on the men’s side is the Trail Glove 2... »

Points for the People!

Howdy OCR fanatics, we’ve got some cool news to share. We’ve been working on a few projects in the background for a while and today we’re excited to let you guys know about one of them, which we think is a very exciting update to OCR Gear. We’re announcing a loyalty “points” program by which every dollar you spend earns you points. You then redeem those points for free stuff. It’s simple: buy stuf... »

Compression Gear for Recovery

The best endurance athletes know exactly what this quote means. They know that training and racing is only half the equation that leads to a stronger racer. They know that when you work hard, you need to recover just as hard. That means strategically resting your mind, body, and soul in preparation for another cycle of training/racing. For me personally, that means reconnecting with family and fri... »

OCR for OK

What’s the best part of racing? The thrill of crossing the finish line? Nope. Shaving a few seconds off your PR? No way. Standing atop the podium? Not even close. It’s the community. The OCR (and endurance racing) communities are some of the closest-knit I’ve ever been part of. There’s no denying that something special brings us together. Maybe it’s the fact that we engage in a hobby that encourag... »

No Mud, No Glory

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mudders and Spartans, Maniacs and Dashers…welcome to OCR Gear! My name is Adrian and I’m one of the minds and bodies behind OCR Gear, the world’s first online retail site dedicated solely to Obstacle Course Racing gear and apparel. Over the past three years, the sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) has grown exponentially. Races such as Tough Mudder, Sparta... »