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As anyone in OCR can tell you, going it alone sometimes just doesn’t work. And here at OCR Gear, we pride ourselves on doing things the right way, which is why we’ve enlisted the athletes below for their advice and support. Not only are these athletes some of the best around, they’re also just plain old good people. We’re proud to support their efforts on the course, as well as in the OCR community.

David Magida

A long time runner, David ran his first OCR event in 2011 and was immediately hooked by the ferocity of the sport and the diverse set of skills it demands. Since then he has established himself as one of the best racers in the nation with consecutive Top 10 finishes in the annual Spartan Race points series including a 5th place finish in 2013. With 15 podium finishes in OCR events in the past year, this Spartan Pro Team athlete has made it clear that he is a force to be reckoned with.

“I love this sport because it requires you to be fast, strong and tough. I mean gritty tough. You may be faster than me. Or stronger. Or maybe even tougher than me. But if you’re not all three you’re going to have your hands full trying to beat me.”


Laura Messner

Laura Messner is a 24 year old, elite Obstacle Course Racer. Traveling across the country since 2012 to compete, particularly in Spartan Races, has opened many new doors for Laura. She readily credits this experience, especially the support and camaraderie of fellow racers, with the significant personal growth she has achieved from OCR.

Laura is always forward-moving, and in search of new, inspirational challenges. Not only is she an incredibly dedicated athlete, but she also finds joy in being a positive, inspiring, pubic figure. As such, she continues to push for nothing but the best in life, making every day better than the last.

Michael MillsMichael Mills

The first paralyzed athlete to complete a Reebok Spartan Race, Michael personifies what it means to be an endurance athlete. After a head-on collision with a drunk driver in 1993, Michael became a T12 paraplegic which left him without the use of both legs. Not one for self-pity, Michael turned to wheelchair racing in 1996 and competed in over 160 road and track races, including representing the United States numerous times in international competition. After being drawn to OCR by its unique challenges in 2012, Michael conquered Reebok Spartan Race Georgia in March of 2013.

“All I wanna do is change how the world views disabled athletes.”




Anthony Matesi

Anthony Matesi is an athlete, entrepreneur and social marketing professional. He has competed twice in the Spartan Death Race with one finish under his belt, placed 3rd at the San Diego Alpha Warrior and is the author of the Legend of the Death Race. You’ll find him traveling the country racing in the Spartan Race circuit, directing the Spartan Hurricane Heats and HH12HR as well as coaching Spartan SGX at the new gym he helped open, REACH, located in Chicago, IL. 

Juliana SprolesJuliana “The Shark” Sproles

Juliana Sproles, also known as ‘The Shark,’ is a highly motivated extreme endurance athlete who competes in obstacle course races varying in length from 3 to 13+ miles to over 24 hours. Her most notable accomplishment to date is winning the first World’s Toughest Mudder championship in 2011, the first of its kind grueling 24 hour obstacle race. She was also a Top 10 Spartan Race Series Finisher in 2012 and a two-time Ironman triathlete.

Currently residing in Ojai, CA, Juliana is also the eldest of 4 siblings and a mother of two. Having a strong desire for team synergy and camaraderie in all life situations, her current career focus is as a Coach, Personal Trainer and Life Guide. She emphasizes spiritual transformation through daily, physical life adventures whether it is mopping the floor or climbing a mountain. In addition to endurance obstacle course challenges, Juliana enjoys swimming, cycling, running, triathlons, backpacking, kayaking, sailing, horse-back riding, Geocaching, yoga, world travel, as well as reading and writing spiritually-based or philosophical books and literature. She credits her love of outdoor adventure to her late father who took her to Colorado and New Mexico on extended backpacking and canoeing adventures as a child.

brett-pull-up-1Brett Stewart

Brett Stewart is an NCCPT certified personal trainer, triathlete, ultra-marathoner, fitness model, adrenaline junkie, and accomplished author. He is also one of the main voices behind MudRunGuide.com, an extensive online destination for mud runs, adventure racing, and obstacle courses.

An avid multisport athlete and Ironman, Brett has raced dozens of triathlons, multiple marathons and even a few ultras. He is constantly looking for new fitness challenges and developing new workouts for himself, friends and clients. From co-founding the ESPN Triathlon team to directing races, Brett spends his time working and participating in fitness activities and competitions.

A proud husband and father, Brett lives in Phoenix where the weather is almost always perfect for a quick trail run… or an ultra, whichever one he’s in the mood for.

As an author, Brett is best known for the 7 Weeks to Fitness books. Such publications include: 7 Weeks to Getting Ripped, 7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups, 7 Weeks to a Triathlon (w/Lewis Elliot) and more.

BradBrad Kloha

While driving back from a Spartan Race in 2012, Brad decided he wanted to combine his love for obstacle racing and his desire to bring awareness and help find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, which claimed the lives of his great-grandmother and grandmother. With that in mind, Brad created “Run to Remember” – a personal mission to complete 100 races in 52 weeks with the goal of raising $1 million for the Alzheimer’s Association between June 2013 and June 2014. With races ranging from mostly obstacle races of all distances to the occasional road race, Brad looks forward to pushing his body to a level he’s not before attempted, with the personal mantra in his mind: “Not for me; For them.”

“Realize your passion. Find a purpose. Pursue relentlessly.”

Junyong PakJunyong Pak

Two-time World’s Toughest Mudder Champion, multiple Spartan Race winner, 2nd place finisher in the Death Race, and smart as a whip to boot. Quite possibly the best Obstacle Course Racer on the planet. Period.






Sarah Pozdol

Sarah Pozdol  is an athlete, personal trainer, Spartan Group X Coach, entrepreneur and mother of two. OCR has given Sarah a new light in life.

You will find Sarah traveling the US on the Spartan Race circuit where she now has multiple podium finishes. In addition, Sarah will be overseeing the Spartan Group X booth as the SGX team continues its mission of  “Building Better Humans” and ripping millions off of the couch. She believes 100% in the seven pillars of Spartan training and tries to incorporate these key factors into her everyday life.

“People ask me sometimes, WHY? I say WHY THE HECK NOT?”

3AM Waterfalls

Running Obstacle Course Racing events together since 2011, the 3AM Waterfalls became an official team in late 2013 winning the team category at Tough Mudder’s World’s Toughest Mudder. Combining shear will power and mental grit they live by their team motto, “Accept All Challenges”, especially those involving cold waterfalls. John, Jeremy, Tony and Kevin strive to push each other, family, friends, and community beyond their limits all in the name of fun and teamwork.

John Fagan - A long distance runner, biker, and obstacle racer. He is a proud husband and father of three. He enjoys turning the average training run into an obstacle course of some sort. His determination, self-discipline, and focus on teamwork make for a winning formula. To top it off, he eats walls for breakfast! As the Captain, he challenges the 3AM Waterfalls with out-of-the-box training tactics to prepare them for all physical, mental, and environmental extremes.

Jeremy Bucalo - He employs the perfect combination of strength, endurance and healthy eating. He works the hardest among the team while chasing after his two young boys and keeping a happy wife. The multi-sport athlete has the drive and leadership to pull together his team when they need that extra push. As the Muscle, he challenges the 3AM Waterfalls to crush any and all obstacles in their way.

Tony Fontana - The road-runner of the crew fully embraces OCR. He enjoys training with his boys and anyone else up for a dirty, wet and cold challenge. He’s a family man with three lovely ladies at home to keep him fresh and who motivate his competitive spirit. As the Runner, he challenges the 3AM Waterfalls to run strategically, opening the gap and leaving the competition far behind.

Kevin Lasko - The newest member did his first Tough Mudder in April 2012 after losing 40 pounds and completely changing his unhealthy lifestyle. From there, it was all downhill (or uphill!) and he has since competed in two World’s Toughest Mudders, two Ultra Beasts, two 50-mile trail utras, The Summer Death Race 2013, and GORUCK Selection. He attributes his success to his career as a chef at one of New York City’s best restaurants. As the Extremist, he challenges 3AM Waterfalls to train when there is no time to train.